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RP7946A Regenerative Power System, 160 V, ±125 A, 10 kW, 400/480 VAC

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Output ratings: 160 V, ±125 A, 10 kW
  • Operate in two-quadrant mode as power source and regenerative electronic load
  • Maximize throughput with fast output speed and sub-millisecond command-processing time
  • Create up to 150 kW power or loading through easy parallel connection
  • Reduce cost for cooling and electricity with eco-friendly, regenerative design
  • Save valuable rack space with compact 3U-high size
  • A part of Keysight’s HEV/EV Power Converter Test Solutions


The Keysight RP7946A regenerative power system is a single output, bi-directional, regenerative DC power supply with highly integrated safety features that protect both your people and your device under test. The regenerative capability enables the energy normally consumed to be returned to the grid cleanly, saving costs associated with energy consumption and cooling.

In addition, by combining the seamless source and load functionality into a compact 3U-high package, not only do you save energy but also floor space and integration time. The RP7946A delivers the fastest, most accurate, integrated regenerative power system.

The RP7946A is a part of Keysight’s HEV/EV Power Converter Test Solutions that gives you confidence to deploy high-voltage, high-power solutions to meet the fast paced, high-growth demands of the HEV/EV market.