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KS8105A Switch Manager Development Plugin

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Key Features & Specifications

Switch Management Made Easy

  • Graphical editor to develop connections between DUTs, Instruments, cables and select switch matrixes
  • Switch connections become editable settings in TAP Test Steps
  • Easily create and customize reports using the provided HTML5 example templates, or create your own templates
  • Ports and connections can be renamed to fit your application

Simple Development Workflow

  • Add Input/Output ports to your instrument and DUT plugin definitions
  • Add DUTs, Instruments, and Switches to your bench profile in TAP
  • Define cables and connections in the connections designer
  • Use the created connections in TAP Test Steps

Supported Switch Matrices

  • Keysight 34904A, 34931A, 34932A
  • Dicon MXR-4X4-1U-12C-8-50-MTP-B-R
  • Custom switched can be integrated with Keysight assistance
  • Flexible Software Licensing
  • Fixed (node-locked, single PC), transportable and network/floating licenses with either perpetual or annual time frame


KS8105A Switch Manager PluginKeysight Test Automation on PathWave (TAP) is a modern Microsoft .NET-based application that can be used stand-alone or in combination with higher level test executive software environments. The KS8105A Switch Manager Development Plugin includes a graphical editor that makes it easy to develop connections between DUTs, Instruments, cables, and select switch matrixes. Connections are made by sequentially clicking on ports that define a connection. Ports and Connections can be renamed to fit your application. These connections then become editable settings within TAP’s Test Steps.

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