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KS8101A Python SDK Plugin

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Key Features & Specifications

Develop TAP Plugins using Python

  • TestSteps, Instruments, DUTs, Result Listeners, and Component Settings can all be developed using Python rather than C#
  • Python-developed plugins easily integrate into TAP GUI
  • SDK uses open-source Python.NET with included code examples

Simple Development Workflow

  • Open example template in your favorite Python IDE
  • Create your plugin leveraging existing Python libraries
  • Run the Python SDK tool to create TAP plugin
  • Launch TAP and use your plugins

Flexible Software Licensing

  • Fixed (node-locked, single PC), transportable and network/floating licenses with either perpetual or annual time frame


KS8101A Python SDK PluginKeysight Test Automation on PathWave (TAP) is a modern Microsoft .NET-based application that can be used stand-alone or in combination with higher level test executive software environments. The KS8101A Python SDK enables access to the entire TAP SDK for the development of TAP plugins written in Python. TestSteps, Instruments, DUTs, Result Listeners, and Component Settings can be developed in pure Python rather than C# code.

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