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L8990X-xxx Commercial RF Microwave Switch Matrices

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Key Features & Specifications

Notice for European Union Customers: These custom products may contain components that are not RoHS compliant. Keysight will evaluate specific product designs prior to quotation. Recommended changes will be included if required for compliance.

Custom capabilities provide a wide range of solutions

  • Topologies from a simple 1x6, to a 10x10 non-blocking full access matrix, to complete custom switching and conditioning units
  • Frequencies from DC to 50 GHz and beyond
  • Standalone switch matrices or fully-integrated test solutions

Measurement and system expertise provides an optimal design

  • Careful consideration of important RF design parameters such as insertion loss, isolation, VSWR and repeatability
  • Careful consideration of system requirements such as user interface, system layout, signal routing, maintenance, size and documentation
  • Optimized component selection considers both Keysight and 3rd party suppliers; including switches, couplers, attenuators, amplifiers, and filters

Unique capabilities for improved uptime and easier interface

  • Built-in Test (BIT) and defined line replaceable units (LRUs)
  • Calibration verification pods improve the accuracy of RF measurements
  • Standard LAN-based and custom control interfaces
  • Standard rack mount and custom form factors

Standard processes insure quality and performance

  • Defined requirements
  • Development includes design reviews and acceptance testing
  • Controlled manufacturing processes for semi-rigid cables and other components
  • Fully-tested solution, including S-parameter plots for all paths


Keysight’s commercial RF switch matrices range from basic RF switches arranged in standard topologies to complex RF switches and other signal routing and conditioning components arranged in highly complex and custom topologies.

Keysight has delivered a wide range of switch matrix designs to a variety of customers including commercial, aerospace, defense and government. Key attributes of these designs have been organized into a searchable catalog, allowing quick identification of existing configurations to provide faster ROMs, quotes, development, delivery and cost effective pricing.

Having built thousands of commercial switch matrices, Keysight utilizes a mature development and delivery process. Each matrix is carefully optimized by experienced system engineers for the customer’s specific application. Quality and performance is assured by specification of the best components for the application, defined manufacturing processes and thorough testing.

The table below summarizes six examples of Keysight L8990X Series Commercial RF Switch Matrices basic, typical, and complex cases. These examples illustrate the flexibility of the L8990X Switching Platform to tailor designs from basic to demanding applications to meet customer requirements.

Keysight has designed over 500 switch matrices for customers with a variety of requirements, including some that have gone well beyond the complex examples shown. Many switch matrices contain signal conditioning to meet specific performance needs.

L8990X-xxx Examples Frequency (GHz) Number of Rack Units Inputs Outputs
Basic Switch Matrix Examples
4x8 and 4x12 Switch Matrix 26.5 4 4 8/12
12x1 Switch Matrix 10 2 12 1
Typical Switch Matrix Examples
6x6 Switch Matrix 20 4 6 6
11x24 Switch Matrix 40 7 11 24
Complex Switch Matrix Examples
LNA Test System Switch Matrix 18 2 2 13
Complex RF Switch Matrix 40 4 14 11
Extreme Switch Matrix Example
Multi-port Test Matrix 26.5 32 103 61