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Key Features & Specifications

  • Y-factor noise figure measurements for amplifiers and frequency converters
  • One-button measurements: noise figure, noise factor, gain, noise temperature, Y-factor
  • Auto integration mode optimizes gain to avoid compression and measurement time to achieve jitter goal
  • User definable loss compensation for loss (dB) before and after DUT
  • Built-in uncertainty calculator display and offline Excel measurement uncertainty calculator
  • Supports Keysight's noise source models 346A/B/C/K40/K01 and external preamplifier models U7227A/C/F or U7228A/C/F
  • Requires spectrum analyzer mode (Option 233 on combination models), preamplifier (Option 235) and DC bias variable voltage source (Option 309) with cable accessory N9910X-713
  • Available as a post-purchase upgrade


Transforming FieldFox handheld microwave analyzer into noise figure (NF) mode provides portable one-button noise figure and gain measurements to help you characterize devices including low noise amplifiers (LNAs), frequency converters and receivers using the industry proven Y-factor technique. FieldFox can also provide real-time feedback on measurement integrity with Built-in uncertainty bars that can be displayed on the measurement data. By combining noise figure measurements with full 2-port vector network analysis, spectrum analysis and power sensor integration, FieldFox can now provide complete characterization of amplifiers and converters in the field or repair depots.