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Key Features & Specifications

Rapidly prototype your special mode of operation or new control structures on Keysight AWGs, Digitizers and more.

  • Insert your own logic into the instrument FPGA to add custom protocols, streaming processes and DSP applications
  • Create hardware-in-the-loop tests that accelerate key measurements
  • Compile to hardware with one-click and no external cables/devices
  • Dynamically-reconfigurable instruments (change on-the-fly the FPGA image without rebooting)

User-friendly graphical FPGA programming environment

  • Quickly visualize your application flow and insert your custom logic
  • Know-how requirements on FPGA technology are minimized
  • Same off-the-shelf functionalities of the standard products

Streamlined design process (Full native FPGA-code compatibility)

  • Ready-to-use block library (minimize the need for FPGA-code development)
  • Include VHDL, Verilog or Xilinx ® VIVADO projects and Xilinx IP Catalog IP
  • Ready-to-use increasing library of building blocks and IP Cores


The PathWave FPGA programming environment simplifies the development of custom processing functions. Initially compatible with the M3202A AWG, Keysight will steadily add transceivers, digitizers and other PXI and AXI platforms. Your design will remain compatible across the instrument family. The user-friendly graphical environment simplifies the development of custom DSP for the FPGA device, enabling special modes of operation or new control structures.

Reduced development time and compiling time together with hot programming enable dynamically-reconfigurable instruments.

Additionally, custom processing functions or algorithms can interact with HVIs if M3601A option is present, enabling many options for custom applications.

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  • Quickly generate signals with the M3202A PXI Arbitrary Waveform Generator. The AWG’s high channel density, high-quality output and low phase noise make it great for ATE, computing research, Quantum, 5G, wireless manufacturing and more.
  • Our entry level general purpose M3102A PXI Digitizer offers high channel density with an advanced data acquisition system (DAQ). It is part of a number of solutions, including angle of arrival (AoA), baseband electronics designs, wireless device manufacturing and multi-channel coherent signal acquisition.
  • Scale up your measurements with optional M3601A Hardware Virtual Instrument (HVI) software, which extends control to hardware-timed execution with pico-second precision and nano-second resolution of multiple FPGA enabled instruments.

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