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Key Features & Specifications

  • Global 3600 views of operation and asset management
  • Big data exploration that helps you find, visualize, and understand data 
  • Automated real-time monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Improved productivity and asset utilization with predictive algorithm
  • Advanced process control with multi-variates and dimensional analysis 
  • Prevent event escalation with notification via email, SMS or mobile message applications
  • On premise or cloud-based
  • Industry 4.0 ready


PathWave Analytics is an Industry 4.0 ready electronics manufacturing data analytics solution that performs advanced analytics using process, test and equipment data to drive manufacturing improvements and efficiencies. Its predictive and anomaly detection algorithms perform an extensive range of real-time data analytics that anticipates anomalies in equipment, process or product to mitigate risks of failures or down time. It triggers alerts via email, SMS or mobile messaging applications when an anomaly or outlier is detected. Real time containment of operational or product quality issues, increase in productivity and asset utilization will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Better Product Quality

PathWave Analytics analyzes data from every test in each step of your production process. It employs Anomaly Detection algorithm to identify and isolate the problematic outliers and trends in real time, sending alerts so that you can take actions. The Big Data analytics capability allows you to perform multi-dimension analysis on historical data to quickly identify the root cause of your quality issues or RMAs.

Higher Productivity and Throughput

Pathwave Analytics performs test time, yield and throughput analysis on your global operations in real time. You may see significant variability in yield and test time on different operation. Using PathWave Analytics, you can isolate those variations and make changes to optimize the processes, results in higher productivity and throughput.

Improved Asset Utilization

Working with IOT sensors, PathWave Analytics collects and analyzes environmental data, machine health data and measurement data to predict equipment and fixture failure in real time. This will eliminate the needs of periodic maintenance and extend mean time between failure, leads to greater asset utilization.