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Key Features & Specifications

  • Up to 67 GHz of bandwidth with 6.66 ps rise time enables measurement on the latest high-speed serial standards
  • Running on all PNA series B models with simple and intuitive operation inheriting from ENA-TDR
  • Unmatched performance

                 - Low noise floor for accurate and repeatable measurements
                 - Wide dynamic range to observe the true performance of your device: > 110 dB
                 - Fast measurement speed for real-time analysis: 251 msec (1601 points, 2-port cal)

  • State-of-the art calibration techniques reduce measurement errors
  • Automatic deskew ensures easy removal of fixture and probe effects
  • Full calibration available for the utmost in measurement accuracy


S93011A enhanced time domain analysis with TDR provides a one-box solution for high-speed interconnect analysis, including impedance, S-parameters, and eye diagrams. The S93011A is an enhancement of the S93010A time domain analysis software. The software, running on the PNA-X / PNA / PNA-L Series B-model vector network analyzers, brings three breakthroughs for signal integrity design and verification: simple and intuitive operation, fast and accurate measurements, and high ESD robustness.