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Key Features & Specifications

New and updated features in IC-CAP 2018

  • New Power Electronics Modeling Extraction Packages
  • New Power Electronics Model Generator
  • Data Viewer
  • VISA library that enables Instrument Connections via LAN/USB/GPIB
  • Includes a full version of Python 2.7 with several commonly used libraries
  • Upgraded CMOS Modeling Packages
  • Updated DynaFET model and extraction

To download the IC-CAP 2018 software, select the Trials & Licenses tab, then click the Details & Downloads button.


IC-CAP Device Modeling SoftwareIntroducing IC-CAP 2018

To address the growing needs of the power electronics design community, IC-CAP 2018 delivers a new extraction suite for discrete devices. Equipped with a newly re-designed user interface, it includes extraction flows for three key technologies: GaN HEMT, IGBT and Si/SiC MOSFET. For experienced modeling engineers, the new extraction packages may be customized and tailored within IC-CAP. For power electronics design engineers, we present a standalone software that makes power electronics model extraction easy and accessible.

With the introduction of WaferPro and WaferPro Express, our customers began to generate large quantities of data. A new “Data Viewer” tool helps modeling engineers display and analyze this data.

Lastly, IC-CAP now adds full support to LAN and USB instrument connections commonly seen in modeling and characterization laboratories worldwide.

The new products and other major enhancements are detailed below:

  • New power electronics modeling extraction packages are available as add-ons:
    • W8536EP/ET SiC PowerMOS Power Electronics Modeling
    • W8537EP/ET IGBT Power Electronics Modeling
    • W8538EP/ET GaN Power Electronics Modeling
  • W8598BP/BT Power Electronics Model Generator - runs as stand-alone bundle that includes all 3 technologies and does not require any prior knowledge of IC-CAP.
  • Data Viewer – select, load and compare data across wafers, die and devices.
  • Instruments may now link via LAN/USB/GPIB connections enabled via VISA library.
  • IC-CAP includes a full version of Python 2.7 with several commonly used libraries. PyVISA has now been added, facilitating control of all kinds of measurement devices independent of interface.
  • CMOS Modeling Packages have been upgraded to versions BSIM4 4.8.1, HiSIM2 2.9.1, HiSIM HV 2.3.1, 2.3.2 and 2.3.3, PSP 103.4

For additional details on IC-CAP 2018 new features and capabilities, please refer to the IC-CAP 2018 What's New.

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