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Optical Head Adapter

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Threaded Head Adapter

(Threaded adapter for 8152x Optical Heads, 8162x Optical Heads with 81624DD and High Power Optical Heads)


  • 81000FA - FC/PC Connector Adapter
  • 81000KA - SC Connector Adapter
  • 81000PA - E-2000 Connector Adapter
  • 81000VA - ST Connector Adapter
  • 81003LA - LC Connector Adapter

Threaded Adapter


Plug-in D-Shape Adapter

(Plug-in D-Shape Adapter for 8162x Optical Heads

doesn't match to 8152x and High Power Optical Heads)


  • 81001FA - FC/PC Connector Adapter
  • 81001KA - SC Connector Adapter
  • 81001LA - LC Connector Adapter
  • 81001MA - MU Connector Adapter
  • 81001PA - E-2000 Connector Adapter
  • 81003TD - MPO/MTP Connector Adapter

Plug-in D-shape AdapterPlug-in D-shape Adapter


81001ZA - Blank Adapter

  • Plug-in D-shape adapter for 8162x Optical Heads
  • To be customized by customer
  • Doesn't match to 8152x and High Power Optical Heads

81001ZA - Blank Adapter


81624DD - D-shape Adapter

  • To connect threaded adapters to 8162x D-shape receptable

81624DD - D-shape Adapter