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E6963A Automotive Ethernet Link Segment Solution

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Key Features & Specifications

Link segment solution covers:

  • An easy to follow and guided test setup for each test
  • Automated test result calculation including correction for impedance profile slope and summing of all four S-parameters
  • A simple Pass/Fail judgement for each test
  • Link segment testing per BroadR-Reach V3.2 (OPEN alliance PMA test suite version 2), IEEE 802.3bw (100Base-T1) specifications

Usability features:

  • A setup wizard for quick and clear setup, configuration and test
  • Accurate and repeatable results with Keysight instrumentation
  • Easy-to-read report with margin analysis



With the only link segment testing option on the market and the ability to purchase all necessary cables, connectors as well as hardware with one product number, Keysight offers the most comprehensive automotive Ethernet compliance.