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E6962A Automotive Ethernet Rx Compliance Solution

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

Solutions cover:

  • A True BER test according to UNH-IOL PMA test suite test 96.2.1
  • Receiver testing per BroadR-Reach V3.2 (OPEN alliance PMA test suite version 2.) , IEEE 802.3bw (100Base-T1) specification and Automotive Ethernet Consortium 100Base-T1 PMA test suite version 1.0
  • 100% test coverage as per BroadR-Reach definitions for communication channel version 2.0

Usability features: 

  • A setup wizard for quick and clear setup, configuration and test
  • A complete BER test enabling standards conformance
  • Accurate and repeatable results with Keysight PXIe instrumentation
  • Printable test report with the BER measurement and pass/fail limits



With the only Rx software testing option on the market and the ability to purchase all necessary cables, connectors as well as hardware with one product number, Keysight offers the most comprehensive automotive Ethernet compliance. The Rx software option automates compliance with 100% test coverage for in the automotive physical layer electrical receiver BroadR-Reach and 100Base-T1 specification.

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