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N8846A-1FP Power Integrity Analysis, fixed perpetual license US$ 5,016
N8846A-1TP Power Integrity Analysis, transportable perpetual license US$ 7,524
N8846A-2FP Upgrade from Power Integrity to Crosstalk Analysis App, fixed perpetual license US$ 5,016

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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  • Agilent 1157A Active Oscilloscope probe Image N7024A 6GHz Power Rail Probe 

    N7024A 6GHz Power Rail Probe

    • 6GHz bandwidth to find high-speed transients
    • 1:1 attenuation ratio probe keeps noise floor low
    • Large +/-15.25V offset range

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    • Large +/-24 V offset range
    • 50 kΩ DC input impedance