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M8290430A Integrated Coherent Receiver Test Solution

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Most compact turn-key ICR Test Solution
  • Stimulus-response test with one single control software
  • One-time, single connection between fixture and instruments saves operator time and increases repeatability
  • De-embedding of cables and fixtures
  • Short test time due to simultaneous measurement of all four S21 magnitude responses
  • Frequency coverage up to 42 GHz


Integrated Coherent Receiver (ICR) modules are key components in coherent transmission systems and are more challenging to test than direct-detection receiver optical sub-assemblies (ROSAs), as the ICRs have phase-sensitive signal detection and provide four electrical outputs and two optical inputs. The test instruments used in ROSA S21 testing cannot be used in a similar way for S-parameter testing of ICRs, making S-parameter testing very challenging.

To help users set up S-parameter tests for ICRs in significantly less time than developing their own solution, the M8290430A provides an ICR test software that measures:

  • S21 magnitude responses
  • IQ skew, XY skew
  • IQ angle
  • IQ and XY gain imbalance
  • EVM noise floor
  • Image suppression


Standard configuration for the hardware setup to perform ICR test. All instruments shown are controlled by the M8290430A software.