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  • W2342 W2340EP RFPro, Momentum, FEM Element 

    W2340EP RFPro, Momentum, FEM Element

    • New User Interface
    • Expert EM Presets
    • Analysis, Tuning, Optimization
    • EM Simulation Technologies
    • Integrated into ADS

  • W2341 W2341EP Momentum G2 Element 

    W2341EP Momentum G2 Element

    3D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulator used for passive circuit analysis. Also includes modules for animating current flow in conductors and slots, circuit optimization and analytical modeling.

  • W2342 W2342EP Keysight FEM Simulator Element 

    W2342EP Keysight FEM Simulator Element

    Integration of a full 3D FEM solution into the Advanced Design System (ADS) flow