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M8290A Optical Modulation Analyzer and High-speed Digitizer Test Solution

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Compact and flexible AXIe modular form factor
  • 74 Gbaud maximum symbol rate
  • 83 to 92 GSa/s sample rate
  • 512k samples maximum record length
  • 8 bit ADC resolution
  • Turn-key solutions for testing coherent optical devices
  • Supports EVM measurement according to latest standards like ITU G.698.2


The M8290A is a flexible solution platform for up to 400G coherent devices and transmitter test. It incorporates a 92 GSa/s modular optical modulation analyzer and a 92 GSa/s 4-channel electrical digitizer. Besides these modules an additional arbitrary waveform generator module up to 92 GSa/s, such as the M8196A, can be added to the same AXIe chassis. This setup results in a compact and flexible coherent test solution that can be used together with additional specialized solution software for Integrated Coherent Receiver (ICR) and Coherent Optical Device (COD) module characterization.

Target Applications

  • Coherent optical transmitter testing
  • Integrated coherent receiver ICR testing
  • Testing of coherent optical transmit and receive devices