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KS9150A KMF Spectrum/FFT Analysis Plugin

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Key Features & Specifications

Generate spectrum/FFT from time domain data

  • User-selectable parameters include center frequency, start frequency, units 

User-selectable plugin properties include:

  • Number of output spectrum data points
  • Resolution bandwidth
  • Window functions applied to time domain data


The Keysight Measurement Framework (KMF) Spectrum/FFT plugin converts time-domain data to frequency-domain data using an FFT algorithm. The Spectrum plugin is time oriented and intended for use with plugins where a specific length of acquisition is typically required. Waveform data is provided as input (InWaveform pin) from another KMF plugin, such as the WaveformArrayReader plugin. Spectrum output is provided on the OutSpectrum pin, including information such as center frequency, start frequency, and units.

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