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KS9402A KMF WinForms Visualization Pack

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Key Features & Specifications

WinForms Trace Graph

  • Provides WinForms control for displaying data in a 2-D (xy) graph
  • Real or complex data can be drawn in a variety of ways
  • Supports multiple data markers

Trace display plugin

  • Transfers input data vector to a drawing component that displays the vector data

Trace window plugin

  • Displays vector data from a downstream plugin in a popup window


The Keysight Measurement Framework (KMF) WinForms Visualization Pack augments the KS9400A Core Libraries and provides graphical user interface (GUI) tools for developers using Microsoft’s Windows Forms (WinForms) graphical class library as a part of Microsoft’s .NET Framework. See KS9401A WPF Visualization Pack if you’re using Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation.

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