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Key Features & Specifications

The ADS Core, Layout, Advanced Layout Bundle is recommended for:

  • RFIC Design and Verification (SiGe, CMOS, BiCMOS, SOI, …)
  • MMIC Design and Verification (GaAs, GaN, InP, SiGe, ...)
  • RF & Microwave Board Design and Verification
  • RF Module / RF SiP Co-Design and Verification (IC, laminant, PCB, package, and module)


The ADS Core, Layout, Advanced Layout Bundle includes the functionality shown in the table below.

Functionality in this Bundle
Model Number Name Decription
W2200BP ADS Core Provides essential RF and microwave design capabilities in a highly productive enterprise schematic design environment. Fast linear simulation, comprehensive filter and passive circuit synthesis.
W2321EP Layout Element Comprehensive physical design environment specifically geared for high-frequency circuit development, including artwork translators for DXF, Gerber, IGES and GDS-TT formats.
W2320EP Advanced Layout Element Provides access to advanced ADS layout capabilities not covered by the standard ADS layout element license.