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S5020A FD-MIMO Multi-Channel, Reference Solution

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Key Features & Specifications

Improve your efficiency, confidence and time to market

Move quickly through verification: Let Keysight take care of test development and test optimization

  • Significantly drive down your total cost of test for multi-channel measurement
  • Quickly verify your beamforming algorithms and hardware performance
  • Build confidence through use of an independent measurement-grade verification toolset
  • Purchase only the functionality you need
  • Expand or upgrade later, as cellular technology evolves through 5G

Validate your MIMO system performance

A comprehensive measurement suite to verify base-station design goals are being met or exceeded

  • Evaluate true DUT performance, corrected for fixturing offsets
  • Ready-to-use LTE performance tests and 3D beamforming visualization
  • Measurement science based on industry-leading measurement software
  • Physical-layer capture matched to your measurement needs
  • Adaptable to meet the demands of new radio access technologies, ahead of standardization

Tailor to your unique requirements

Test capability can be configured and customized for your application. The following indicates a range of available options

  • MIMO and beamforming analysis from 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 (and more) antenna elements
  • Physical layer capture from 6 GHz, 160 MHz to 40 GHz, 1 GHz phase-coherent channels
  • Configure for different antenna array topologies and element spacing
  • 3D beam pattern visualization with marker-based measurement on and around the peak beam
  • Per-layer modulation quality plus amplitude, phase, and time offset


As communications standards evolve, and architectures become increasingly complex, Keysight’s innovative test solutions are designed to get you quickly to meaningful insights of base-station system performance. Multi-channel measurement solutions based on traditional bench-top instrumentation are no longer practical or efficient and new methods are required to ensure reliable, repeatable characterization right to the measurement plane. Keysight provides cost effective scaling to the large port-count required for ever increasing antenna arrays, and the calibration techniques needed to improve measurement accuracy and repeatability. Test results are represented as 3D beam visualizations together with the ability to capture RF parametric measurements on or around the beam, or at each element. This solution is available now for FD-MIMO with 64 antenna elements. It is also adaptable for future evolution of wireless standards and the implications for measurement of new radio access technologies, with more bandwidth, at higher frequencies, and even more antenna elements.