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Key Features & Specifications

  • Widest frequency range, DC to 120 GHz
  • Fastest measurement speed for thermocouple sensor, > 900 readings per second (free run/fast buffer mode)
  • Best-in-class power linearity of <0.6 %
  • Wide dynamic range from -35 dBm to +20 dBm
  • Real time measurement uncertainty (MU) feature
  • S-parameter and gamma correction function
  • Supported by BenchVue BV0007B Power Meter/Sensor Control and Analysis App


Broadband power measurements from DC to 120 GHz

The U8489A provides the widest frequency range, DC to 120 GHz with 1 mm coaxial connector for your mmWave applications. It makes fast and accurate high frequency power measurements. You can plug it into a USB port on an instrument, such as a millimeter wave network analyzer, to perform power calibration for the measurements.

Real time measurement uncertainty (MU)

The U8480 Series USB thermocouple power sensors now computes this MU in real time and at any given point, removing the need for manual MU calculations, shortening test time and providing highly accurate measurements. Users can also display power measurements and their measurement uncertainty simultaneously.

S-parameter and Gamma correction

Achieve greater accuracy with the S-parameter and gamma correction features, which correct impedance mismatch errors as well as the errors caused by components inserted between the DUT and power sensor.

Measurements direct from your PC

Measurements can be done from your PC with BenchVue BV0007B Power Meter/Sensor Control and Analysis App.