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E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform - Data Sheet
Data sheet for E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform

Data Sheet 2019-04-24

5G Protocol R&D Toolset - Solution Brief
This flyer introduces the Keysight industry-first 5G Protocol R&D Test Solution as a comprehensive suite of tools supporting all phases of wireless device development, from pre-silicon protocol module development, through to systems integration and verification.

Solution Brief 2018-10-04

Keysight 5G Protocol R&D Toolset - Technical Overview
Keysight’s Protocol R&D Toolset (PRT) is a comprehensive suite of tools for protocol and application testing of chipsets and devices. Protocol R&D Toolset covers the whole chipset and device development workflow from early prototype testing through to integration and verification.

Technical Overview 2018-10-01

Testing 5G: Data Throughput - Application Note
This application note describes the new challenges of testing high data rates and provides a solution to these challenges using Keysight’s Protocol R&D Toolset.

Application Note 2017-09-30

Keysight Technologies Selected by Qualcomm for 5G Test Solutions
Keysight will provide the scalability and capability required to support 5G design and test–from initial requirements to final standards

Press Materials 2017-08-19

Keysight Technologies Enables Prototyping of Next-Generation 5G Mobile Devices
5G Protocol R&D Toolset is the first in a series of Keysight 5G Network Emulation Solutions to help you streamline your current and future 5G device workflow.

Press Materials 2017-05-23