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Key Features & Specifications

  • Up to 32 channels of self-discharge current measurement available in 4-channel increments
  • Cell voltage range: 0.5 to +4.5 V
  • Fixed voltage sourcing accuracy: ± (0.005% + 250 μV)
  • Voltage sourcing stability: ± 10 μV peak (typical)
  • Current measurement range: ± 10 mA
  • Current measurement accuracy: ± (0.33% + 1 μA)
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: ± (0.05% + 1 mV)


The Keysight BT2152A Self-Discharge Analyzer directly measures self-discharge current on large numbers of Li-Ion cells. The analyzer provides a revolutionary reduction in the time required to discern good vs. bad cell self-discharge performance. This drives dramatic reductions in Work-in-Process inventory, working capital costs, and facility costs for cell manufacturers.

The Self-Discharge Analyzer accurately measures cell self-discharge current and cell voltage. Depending on the characteristics of the cells, measurements are directly made in as little as minutes or hours instead of taking weeks or months using open-circuit cell voltage measurements to indicate which cells are good vs. bad.

The Self-Discharge Analyzer quickly measures self-discharge current using a potentiostatic measurement method with the characteristics needed to accurately make the current measurement:

  • Minimum disturbance of the cell
    • The voltage applied to the cell is quickly matched to the actual cell voltage. This minimizes any new charge or discharge and thus limits any new RC settling to a minimum.
    • The voltage applied to the cell is very stable (± 10 μVpk) to minimize continuing charge redistribution current noise on the self-discharge current measurement.
  • Accurately measures low-level self-discharge currents to ±(0.33% + 1μA)

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