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S93029A Noise Figure Measurements with Vector Correction

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

S93029A Noise figure measurements with vector correction

  • S93029A-1FP Noise figure measurements with vector correction, fixed perpetual license


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Key Features & Specifications

  • Measure noise figure of amplifiers, mixers, and converters up to 67 GHz (use low-noise receiver up to 50 GHz and use the standard receiver from 50 GHz to 67 GHz)
  • With a single connection, obtain fast, high accuracy measurements of S-parameters, noise figure, compression, IMD, harmonics, and more
  • Surpasses the accuracy provided by Y-factor-based noise-figure analyzers or spectrum analyzers
  • Front panel jumpers provide convenient spot for adding a preamplifier for low gain, low noise figure devices
  • Fast sweep times improve throughput in manufacturing


The S93029A noise figure application enables high-accuracy noise figure and noise-power measurements of amplifiers, frequency converters, and mixers, utilizing Keysight’s unique vector-source-correction technique that uses a source-impedance tuner to remove the effects of imperfect system-source match. This approach yields accuracy that surpasses that provided by the Y-factor method and other cold-source implementations, especially for in-fixture, on-wafer, and automated-test environments. A scalar-calibrated method is also available that offers less accuracy, but is faster and does not require an impedance tuner.

If S93029A is used on a PNA-X configured with Option 029 low-noise receiver, then it makes full use of the built-in low-noise receiver. Optionally, noise figure measurements can be made using the standard receivers for high-gain (> 60 dB), narrowband devices that might otherwise overload the low-noise receiver, or for noise figure measurements between 50 and 67 GHz on the N5247B. 

If running on a PNA, a PNA-X without Option 029 low-noise receiver, or for measure¬ments up to 67 GHz, then the instrument’s standard receivers are used. For those cases, an external preamplifier and filter(s) is required for devices with < 30 dB of excess noise (gain plus noise figure in dB) up to 20 GHz, < 40 dB up to 50 GHz, or < 45 dB up to 67 GHz. Instruments with front panel jumpers are recommended as they provide a convenient spot for adding a preamplifier and filter for low-gain, low-noise-figure devices. 

The S93029A controls the Keysight N4690 Series E-Cal modules configured as impedance tuners for use with N522xB PNA models or N5241/42/49B PNA-X models, or a built-in tuner for N5244/45/47B PNA-X models with Option 029.