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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

S93025A Basic pulsed-RF measurements

  • S93025A-1FP Basic pulsed-RF measurements, fixed perpetual license


Prices for: United Kingdom

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Enables four internal pulse generators to control internal (N522xB/N524xB Option 021 and 022) and external pulse modulators
  • Integrated pulse application using the wideband-detection method
  • Point-in-pulse measurement with pulse width as narrow as 200 ns
  • Pulse-profile measurements with 50 ns minimum timing resolution


The S93025A basic pulsed-RF measurements enables four internal pulse generators that can be used to control the internal pulse modulators (N522xB/N524xB Options 021 and 022), and it provides an integrated pulse application that uses the wideband-detection method. The pulse application provides an easy way to set up point-in-pulse measurements with pulse width as narrow as 200 ns, and pulse-profile measurements with 50 ns minimum tim¬ing resolution.

Using the built-in pulse modulators, the PNA and PNA-X are complete pulsed-RF measurement solu¬tions, eliminating the need for external test sets and pulse generators. The S93025A also controls external pulse genera¬tors and modulators, and can synchronize to external mas¬ter pulses. The N522xB/N524xB Option 021 is recommended for forward-only pulsed-RF measurements, and Options 021 and 022 are recommended for bi-directional pulsed-RF measurements. The N1966A Pulse I/O adapter is recommended if using external master pulses or external pulse modulators.