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Key Features & Specifications

  • Executes optimized multiport S-parameter test sequences
  • Flexibly configure automated test systems by remote-control from an external program
  • Customize by adding plugins for other instruments such as PXI switch modules
  • Multisite testing by remote-controlling multiple test instances


The Keysight automated measurement expert (AMX) is a smart software solution for automated multiport S-parameter measurements with the PXI vector network analyzer (VNA) M937xA Series or M9485A. The S94702A AMX VNA plugin adds S-parameter measurement capabilities to the Keysight test automation platform (TAP). The combination of the TAP and the VNA plugin forms the AMX backend software, which makes the VNA setups and executes the test sequences in the PXIe controller according to the optimized test sequence files generated by the AMX test plan builder. The AMX backend software also provides step-by-step calibration wizard for full multiport calibration using the 4-port ECal module.