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KS9400A KMF Core Libraries

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Key Features & Specifications

Vector Math Utility

  • Provides algorithms used for digital signal processing of vector data
  • Useful in the analysis of time- and frequency-domain data
  • Operations include FFT, filter, arbitrary resample, interpolate, and calculate statistics

Waveform Array Reader

  • Feeds user-generated or user-acquired waveform (IQ) data into a data flow
  • Creates metadata for the vector, and participates in points negotiation for the data flow
  • Points negotiation allows downstream plugins to determine how much data the upstream plugins should provide

Waveform File Reader

  • Reads waveform specified data file
  • ASCII or MATLAB format

Measurement Hardware & Resource Adapters

  • Acquire data from measurement hardware and specify settings
  • Hardware resource adapters provided for Keysight M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer and M9393A PXIe Performance Vector Signal Analyzer


The Keysight Measurement Framework (KMF) software provides an easy to use software framework for rapid test solution development using Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET environment. With KMF you can develop high- performance, scalable test measurement solutions which take full advantage of parallel processing multi-core CPUs for fastest measurement processing and testing speeds. KMF provides core framework libraries, Visual Studio developer tools, and measurement processing plugins that deliver trusted Keysight measurement algorithms in a componentized .dll form.

The KMF Core Libraries provide the essential foundation elements of the Keysight Measurement Framework, and are required for all KMF-based software installations. Includes the DSP vector math utilities, waveform array & file reader plugins, and hardware resource adapters.

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