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Key Features & Specifications

The WcdmaDownlinkEVM and WcdmaUplinkEVM plugins can analyze W-CDMA (3GPP) and HSPA signals complying with 3GPP technical specifications, including:

  • TS 25.211 V8.4.0, TS 25.212 V8.5.0, TS 25.213 V8.4.0, TS 25.214 V8.5.0, TS 25.141 V8.6.0, TS.34.121-1 V8.4.0 

You can alter measurement parameters for specific analysis, including:

  • Result length
  • AICH, MICH, S-CCPCH, PICH, and scramble code channel parameters
  • Chip rate
  • and more

Output results can include:

  • EVM, peak EVM
  • IQ origin offset
  • Magnitude, phase and frequency error
  • Rho


The Keysight Measurement Framework (KMF) software provides an easy to use software framework for rapid test solution development using Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET environment. With KMF you can develop high- performance, scalable test measurement solutions which take full advantage of parallel processing multi-core CPUs for fastest measurement processing and testing speeds. KMF provides core framework libraries, Visual Studio developer tools, and measurement processing plugins that deliver trusted Keysight measurement algorithms in a componentized .dll form.

The WcdmaDownlinkEVM and WcdmaUplinkEVM plugins quickly analyze W-CDMA (3GPP) and HSPA signals complying with 3GPP technical specifications. Measurement parameters and outputs results can be tailored to your specific test requirements.

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