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S8900A PA Test Solution

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Ready-to-use software fully supporting key PA test parameters
  • Optimized measurement methods and algorithms
  • Test sequences easily customizable in the Test Automation Platform
  • Support multisite measurements
  • Optional noise figure measurement


The Keysight S8900A PA Test Solution provides the next generation software for testing RF power amplifiers/frontend modules (PA/FEM) for wireless mobile devices. In combination with flexibly configurable PXI hardware, the S8900A fully supports automated PA/FEM measurements and you can easily conduct fast and reliable testing in the design validation and manufacturing stages. The S8900A allows you to significantly reduce the time and resources for developing and maintaining your test system by providing ready-to-use but customizable test sequences which require no programming effort.

The S8900A PA Test Solution is the software bundle package which makes easier for you to identify and choose necessary software items to configure your PA/FEM test system. The S8900A consists of the following software items:

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