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M3601A Hard Virtual Instrument (HVI) Design Environment

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Key Features & Specifications

Easy real-time systems design

  • Intuitive flowchart-style design: time-driven flowcharts
  • Hardware-timed execution (OS independent): pico-second precision, nano-second resolution
  • Flow-control statements: if-else, while-loops, for-loops
  • Ultra-fast time-deterministic decision-making

Off-the-shelf inter-module synchronization

  • Full synchronized execution, no triggers needed
  • Phase coherent channels
  • Exchange data with the GUI with real-time execution
  • Load different Binaries to Module (library of compiled HVIs), Run/Stop execution

Parallelism without scaling penalty

  • Each module runs its own flowchart
  • Timing automatically adjusted


The M3601A Hard Virtual Instrument (HVI) design environment provides ultra-fast, real-time execution of signal generation, acquisition, and decision making for a series of Keysight PXIe AWGs and digitizers (M3100A, M3102A, M3201A, M3202A, M3300A, M3302A).

The user-friendly flowchart style design interface enables inter-module synchronization and data exchange in minutes, with no complicated external triggering. Execution is performed by hardware, without operating system, and independently of the user PC.

Additionally, HVIs can interact with user-defined FPGA functions if -FP1 option is present, enabling many options for custom applications.