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E9905EL 2-Module In-Circuit Test (ICT) system, i307x series 5

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Max node count : 2592
  • Max channel count : 576
  • Footprint : 0.93m (H) x 0.95m (W) x 0.77 (D)
  • Max no of modules : 2


The E9905EL i307x Series 5 is designed on a slimmer footprint to meet the needs of most mainstream electronics manufacturers with in-circuit test requirements in a reduced size testhead. The system includes the same Ease of use GUI on its predecessor, the E9905D i307x system. Since the launch of the first Series 1 3070 test system, decades ago, the Transportability, Reliability and Stability (TRS) is maintained including the capability to test at low voltages that are required with today’s components.

All i3070 Series 5 tests systems include a new infrastructure for more flexibility in the addition, control and connection of external electronics or instruments. The system allows external electronics to be plugged into the testhead as if it has been merged into the system. The external electronics can be functional test circuits to provide additional functional test coverage at ICT, or provide additional stimulus to the unit under test for better test coverage. Control of the external electronics, test sequence and test results are still through the BT-BASIC testplan, executed by the testhead PC Controller that our users are familiar with.

PCBAs today have higher current requirements in order to power their increased functionalities. It is now possible to pump 10 A into the unit under test through the tester. The power supply port can also be multiplexed so that one power supply can power up to 6 different boards in a panel. Each power channel is controlled by a relay so that the unit under test is protected.

The i3070 Series 5 test system includes a new Analog Stimulus and Measurement Unit (ASRU) that can boost the analog test speeds by 20%, thus increasing the throughput of the units under test.

The limited test access test tools found in previous revision of the test system is available here.

If you have large boards that you want to test quicker with better test coverage, the E9903E i307x Series 5 system is for you.

Read more about the i3070 Series 5 here.

All Medalist i3070 test systems are able to accept both Mux pin cards as well as UnMux pin cards. This is to provide you more flexibility in the use of this system.

Features Analog Plus
Access Plus
Hybrid Plus
Hybrid 144
Test nodes per card 144 8 x High Frequency10:28 instrument ports24 x GP Relays  144 144
Digital channels per card N/A  N/A  16 144
Max pattern rate/frequency N/A  HF: 100MHz
Inst Ports: 25MHz
GP Relays: N/A
6/12/20 MPS 6 MPS
Maximum cards per module/system**  9/18 9/18 9/18 9/18
Analog voltage range 0-100V 0-100V 0-100V 0-100V
Digital Drive/Receive range N/A  N/A  -3.5 to 5.0V  0 to 4.75V
Edge Placement Accuracy N/A N/A +/- 10 nS +/- 10 nS

** Total pin cards cannot exceed 9 pin cards/module

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For more information about ict systems, please visit ICT System - Medalist i3070.