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Prix de configuration typique CA$ 3,498

Configuration typique

N8844A Data Analytics Web Service Software

  • N8844A-1FP Data Analytics Web Service Software (1 license), fixed perpetual license

Prix de configuration typique CA$ 3,498


Prix pour: Canada (Français)

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Provides data analytics tools to visualize and analyze any measurement data
  • Includes machine learning (causation diagram) for accelerated data analysis and more accurate and faster results
  • Provides a scalable, high performance data repository to enable insightful analytics and engineering decisions
  • Includes USB 3.1 industry data to perform benchmark against peers in the industry
  • Enables real-time data access for globally distributed design/validation teams
  • Data repository is managed by customer IT team, enabling the engineering teams to focus on engineering
  • Data access is OS-independent, programming language-independent and uses HTTPS for secure data transfer within customer’s intranet
  • Enables data upload via streaming or bulk transfer


Keysight’s N8844A data analytics web service software enables designers and validation engineers to capture and store their test data. It also provides access to analytics for their globally-distributed teams in real-time. With Keysight’s high-performance repository, customers can focus on design and testing, as well as relying on Keysight’s analytics to enable insight to allow decision making with confidence.

Engineers from Design to Manufacturing perform measurements to conclude if the design meets pass limits set by the industry standard. The Data Analytics software addresses the need for the designers and their managers to analyze the test result in an intuitive manner to help them make a quick decision.

The N8844A software package provides a simple and powerful user interface for viewing data analytics with an open-API to enable future scalability. The N8844A software enables the user to import data from multiple data sources in multiple formats – supporting bulk-upload and real-time streaming by integrating the Keysight API into customer test processes.

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