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M9341A Digital I/O

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Digital I/O for communication for the PXI VNA with external peripherals (i.e. handler)
  • Synchronized measurements with the PXI VNA in an automated test environment
  • Compatible with the 24-bit digital I/O connector of the PNA and ENA


The M9341A digital I/O with the 24-bit digital I/O connector and triggering ports provides communication signals between the PXI vector Network analyzer (VNA) installed in the same PXI chassis and an external handler. This allows the PXI VNA such as the Keysight M937xA and M9485A to be used in an automated test environment.

The M9341A digital I/O is compatible to the 24-bit digital I/O connector on the rear panel of the Keysight VNA such as the PNA and ENA Series.