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N9613A 5500 AFM Controller Upgrade

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

  • High-bandwidth, FPGA-based digital controller improves high-speed precision
  • New NanoNavigator software offers
    - Auto Drive for optimal setting of parameters within seconds
    - Quick Sense for quantitative mapping of nanomechanical properties
    - EC-AFM & SECM for electrochemistry studies
    - Scripting
  • New head electronics box, computer, monitor, cables, guide for quick self-install
  • Immediate ability to utilize all popular AFM imaging modes within Nanonavigator
  • Upgraded 5500 system achieves higher scan rates


The Keysight 5500 AFM Controller Upgrade offers a tremendously convenient and cost-effective pathway to a more versatile, easier-to-use AFM. In addition to the benefits listed above, new NanoNavigator software provides precise control of potentials and cyclic voltammetry for electrochemistry. To facilitate investigation of surface reactivity and interfacial processes, the software supports Keysight’s powerful AFM-SECM technique. NanoNavigator also enables easy-to-use Quick Sense, a new imaging mode from Keysight that permits quantitative mapping of nanomechanical properties.

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