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FSI-60029 FSI-60029 EIO (Extended I/O) Analysis Probe and Extender

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This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.

Key Features & Specifications

Analysis Probe Configuration

  • 4 GHz timing analysis
  • Protocol decode of 32 bit Extended I/O bus transactions


  • EIO add-in card extends beyond the host system
  • Test points for all EIO signals can be used for measuring signal integrity with an oscilloscope
  • Interposer design allows monitoring of requests and grants in a particular slot
  • View system arbitration signals


This product is available from FuturePlus Systems Corp. as model FS3030 

This product works with Keysight logic analyzers and can be ordered directly from FuturePlus Systems, a strategic Keysight Channel Partner. This product is no longer sold through Keysight Technologies.

FuturePlus Systems offers bus analysis probes for memory, graphics, PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express, USB, , Serial Rapid IO, and other standard buses.

The FS3030 PCI EIO (Extended I/O) analysis probe and extender card provides complete protocol decode of PCI EIO transactions and 4 GHz timing analysis. The analysis probe supports 32-bit bus designs. The extender card functionality enables the analysis probe to connect to the PCI bus without consuming the PCI EIO slot.

Contact Information: FuturePlus Systems Corporation, 6455 North Union Blvd. Suite 202, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.Phone: (719) 278-3540 Fax: (719) 278-9586

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