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N9084C Short Range Communications Measurement Application, Multi-Touch UI

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

N9084C Short Range Communications Measurement Application

  • N9084C-1FP Short range comms 802.15.4 for ZigBee measurement app, fixed perpetual license
  • N9084C-2FP Short range comms G.9959 for Z-Wave measurement app, fixed perpetual license


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Key Features & Specifications

Signal analysis

  • Compliant with ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4) and Z-Wave RF transmitter tests
  • One-button measurements with pass/fail per the standard
  • Runs inside UXA, PXA, MXA, EXA, and CXA X-Series signal analyzers with multi-touch UI


  • Transmitter analysis of channel power, adjacent carrier power (ACP), spectrum emission mask (SEM)
  • Modulation accuracy: Various demodulation results including demod bits and decode results, IQ measurement in time, frequency, polar, and eye diagram
  • Demod errors and responses to visualize signal quality parameters for troubleshooting
  • Multiple result views: Spectrum, time, IQ measurement traces, numeric display

Other features

  • For X-Series analyzers with multi-touch UI (N90x0B)
  • License key upgradeable
  • Fixed and transportable license available
  • SCPI remote user interface


The N9084C short range communications measurement application is one in a common library of more than 25 measurement applications in the Keysight X-Series signal analyzers. Transforming the X-Series signal analyzers into standard-based transmitter testers, the application provides fast, one-button RF conformance measurements to help you design, evaluate, and manufacture your ZigBee and Z-Wave RF transmitters.

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