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  • W2211 W2222BP Power Integrity Bundle: ADS Core, TransConv, Harmonic Balance, Layout, PIPro 

    W2222BP Power Integrity Bundle: ADS Core, TransConv, Harmonic Balance, Layout, PIPro

    • ADS Core
    • Transient Simulator and Broadband SPICE
    • Harmonic Balance
    • Layout
    • PIPro Power Integrity EM Analysis

  • W2300 W2300ET Harmonic Balance Element 

    W2300ET Harmonic Balance Element

    Provides analysis of nonlinear circuits excited with multi-tone sources, and extensive, preconfigured simulation setups useful in amplifier, RF, microwave, oscillator and custom circuit designs.

  • W2301 W2301ET Circuit Envelope Element 

    W2301ET Circuit Envelope Element

    Provides efficient simulation technique for complex digitally modulated RF signals in addition to templates for designing linearizers, RF Systems, and PLL Systems.

  • W2321 W2321ET Layout Element 

    W2321ET Layout Element

    Comprehensive physical design environment specifically geared for high-frequency circuit development, including artwork import/export for ODB++, DXF, Gerber/drill, IGES and GDS-II formats.

  • W2200 Advanced Design System Core W2200BT Advanced Design System (ADS) Core 

    W2200BT Advanced Design System (ADS) Core

    High-frequency design software, simulation and synthesis package providing tuning, optimization and statistical design support for RF, Microwave, MMIC, or RFIC design flows at the enterprise level.

  • W2342 W2359ET PIPro Power Integrity EM Analysis Element 

    W2359ET PIPro Power Integrity EM Analysis Element

    • High-capacity EM simulation for PI analysis of complex PCBs
    • One cohesive workflow for PI and SI Analyses within ADS
    • DC IR drop analysis
    • AC PDN impedance analysis
    • Power plane resonance analysis

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