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83438A Erbium ASE Source

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This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

  • High power density allows high measurement range
  • Single-mode fiber output, angled connector option
  • Modulation input: up to 300 Hz for applications using lock-in techniques or external control (on/off)


In conjunction with an optical spectrum analyzer, the incoherent light source Keysight 83438A allows you to measure insertion loss, crosstalk, bandwidth, polarization dependencies,and other parameters of passive optical components versus wavelength.

The Keysight 83438A provides more than +6 dBm in the 1550 nm window, allowing you to characterize advanced components such as isolators, circulators, add/drop multiplexers, gratings, or demultiplexers for dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) systems.