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W2240BP Power Electronics Bundle: ADS Core, TC, PE Lib, Layout, Adv. Layout, PEPro, Momentum, FEM

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Key Features & Specifications

The Power Electronics Bundle: ADS Core, TC, PE Lib, Layout, Adv. Layout, PEPro, Momentum, FEM is recommended for:

  • Power Electronics Design and Simulation

This bundle is specifically built for power electronics engineers who are designing switched-mode power supplies and need post-layout analysis of layout parasitic effects. It enables a complete "front-to-back" workflow for switch-mode power supply design.


The Power Electronics Bundle: ADS Core, TC, PE Lib, Layout, Adv. Layout, PEPro, Momentum, FEM functionality is shown in the table below.

Functionality in this Bundle
Model Number Name Description
W2200BP ADS Core Provides essential power electronics design capabilities in a highly productive enterprise schematic design environment. It includes fast linear simulation.
W2310EP Transient Simulator and Broadband SPICE Advanced time-domain simulator that includes IBIS I/O Models, Signal Integrity verification, Broadband and High-Frequency SPICE simulation, but does not include channel simulation.
W2375EP Power Electronics Library A library of special component for Power Electronics including component for closed loop feedback regulation e.g. Pulse Width Modulator. The component palette also provides easy access to ADS built-in component that are often used in power electronics.
W2321EP Layout Element Comprehensive physical design environment specifically geared for high-frequency circuit development, including artwork import for BRD, ODB++, DXF, Gerber, IGES and GDS-TT formats. Output PCB and package manufacturing data in ODB++ and Gerber formats.
W2376EP PEPro, Momentum, FEM super Element PEPro makes post-layout analysis as easy as pre-layout analysis. Automatic optimum settings of EM analysis and simulation controllers for switched-mode power supply (SMPS) design. Interactive EM-Circuit co-simulation, including a unique circuit excitation technique to pinpoint layout problems like current crowding.
Includes both Finite Element Method (FEM) and Method of Moments (Momentum) EM engines.**
W2320EP Advanced Layout Element Provides access to advanced ADS layout capabilities not covered by the standard ADS layout element license.

** PEPro contains the same FEM technologies as in the W2342 FEM Element with the exception that RFPro UI is not included. It also contains the same MoM technologies in the W2341 Momentum Element with the exception that Virtuoso/RFDE Momentum Integration is not included.

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