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Remote Radio Head Test, Reference Solution

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Key Features & Specifications

Reference Solution Features

  • Compact, highly configurable architecture, optimized for speed
  • Pre-defined test methods for RRH performance verification
  • Interface directly to RRH physical-layer connections: baseband, dual-RF, DC power


  • Significantly drive down your total cost of test – reduce your outlay AND improve throughput
  • Complete your test and measurement projects fast and with confidence
  • Simplify your test station and save resources - no need to develop and maintain custom “front-haul” and RF switching capability


The Remote Radio Head Test, Reference Solution provides the physical interfaces together with the vector signal analysis and vector signal generation you need to carry out comprehensive functional and performance testing of your RRH). Fully characterize the uplink and downlink, RF air-interface to and from the digital "front-haul".

Connect and control your RRH using standard "in-service" RF, CPRI, and DC power ports. Run pre-defined performance test based on 3GPP standards. Measurement expertise is embedded so you can progress rapidly to valid results without spending time developing custom test hardware and complex test methods.