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Key Features & Specifications

  • New Phased Array Beamforming Kit that extends the convenient SystemVue Cockpit for Baseband-RF co-design for use with high-order phased arrays
  • Dynamic 2D and 3D plotting, previously only possible with the 89600 VSA software
  • Improvements to nearly every SystemVue add-on library
  • FPGA flow support for the latest Xilinx and Altera families, and Keysight instruments

SystemVue 2016.08 is available for download from the Trials & Licenses tab above.


SystemVue ESL SoftwareThe SystemVue 2016.08 release now includes dynamic plotting, and provides many improvements to the core platform, design flows, and add-on libraries. Details are listed in the tables below.

Core Platform

Core Platform (W1461BP/BT) Improvements
Dynamic Plotting
  • Native, dynamically-updating visualization enables run-time tuning, during a streaming dataflow simulation.
General UI
  • Filter Design Tool updated for complex-valued envelope filters, and SDATA blocks
  • (optional) integration support available for AGI STK 11.0 and automated “soft front panels”.

Design Flows

Design Flows
Flow Model Numbers Desciption
FPGA W1717EP/ET SystemVue Hardware Design Kit:
  • FPGA Development Kit extended to M9703A/B and U5303A instruments
  • HIL support extended to Virtex 7 development boards (cuh as VC-707)
  • Integration of the latest versions of Altera Quartus II and Xilinx Vivado
C++ Code Generation W1718EP/ET SystemVue C++ Code Generator:
  • C++ ModelBuilder interface updated to MS Visual Studio 2013
RF System W1719EP/ET SystemVue RF System Design Kit:
  • Support for frequency response, PAE calculations, and component-level noise temperature
  • Support for “SysParameters” and X-parameter libraries from MiniCircuits and Analog Devices
  • Integration with the new W1720 Phased Array Beamforming Kit
Phased Array / Beamforming W1720EP/ET Phased Array beamforming Kit:
  • Extends Dataflow simulator (W1461) for phased array design and measurements
  • Extends Spectrasys simulator (W1719) for phased array design and measurements
  • Improves RF_LINK to re-use RF arrays at the dynamic, system beamforming level

Libraries & Applications

Libraries & Applications
Application Model Number Description
5G W1906BP/BT 5G Baseband Verification Library: 
  • Includes updates from Dec 2015 release of library
  • Now includes the new W1720 Phased Array Beamforming Kit 
Radar W1905EP/ET  SystemVue Radar Model Library:
  • Adds PDW download to N9140A UXG for Electronic Warfare applications
  • Now includes the new W1720 Phased Array Beamforming Kit
  • support of new models, templates, EW applications
Digital Modem / Satellite W1902EP/ET SystemVue Digital Modem Library: 
  • Added support for LDPC coding/decoding 
LTE-A (4G) W1918EP/ET  LTE-Advanced Baseband Verification Library: 
  • Adds support for 256 QAM, Extended Cyclical Prefix, closed-loop TM4, and MMSE-IRC spatial multiplexing (through 3GPP Release 13.2.0)
  • Adds new sub-library and examples for NB-IoT 
WLAN W1917EP/ET WLAN Baseband Verification Library:
  • Adds new sub-libraries and example support for 802.11ah and 802.11p
SerDes / AMI Generation  W1713EP/ET
SerDes Model Library and IBIS-AMI Model Generation:
  • Improved model-development flow for Repeaters/Re-timers, custom C++ models, and PAM4 keywords (per the IBIS-AMI 6.0 specification)
Consulting Services E4927A Updates to Consulting Services libraries:
  • DVB-S2X library (also includes support for DVB-S2)
  • DOCSIS 3.1 library
  • Integration with STK 11.0, from Analytical Graphics
  • Integration with 5G Channel Sounding reference solution) 

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