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Small Cell Test, Reference Solution

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Key Features & Specifications

Reference Solution Features

  • Test methods developed for the calibration and verification of popular small-cell chipsets
  • Highly configurable hardware and software architecture, optimized for speed
  • Productivity services available, direct from Keysight experts

Your Benefits

  • Save engineering time spent on test development and debug
  • Minimize your total cost of test without compromising quality
  • Complete your test and measurement projects fast and with confidence


Accelerate time to first test and time to volume, with proven receiver and transmitter test methodology for calibration and verification of small cell devices. The Small Cell Test, Reference Solution provides sample test plans including chipset control, simplifying test development, and optimizing throughput.

Keysight collaborates with leading chipset vendors to implement measurement plans and align on a roadmap to next generation designs. This reference solution includes test automation with example test steps that can be built into fully-automated test sequences, controlling the DUT and the measurement hardware, so that you can easily run calibration and verification sequences from start to finish with simple pass/fail outcomes.

This reference solution uses the same measurement methods that you find in Keysight's signal analyzers and signal generators, so you can be sure of consistency between different measurement instruments. Whether you are verifying a design or testing for production, additional debug capability is on hand, so you can focus in on the details. With the aid of the graphical user interface, you can easily understand how your design is performing and quickly get to the root of any problems.

With up to 16 RF ports in a single 19" rack instrument, this reference solution can be scaled to provide superior port density and the ability to connect multiple multi-port DUTs simultaneously. The multiple RF sources and RF analyzers can independently create or analyze a signal sequence for the DUT, further improving test efficiency and throughput.

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