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N8841A CAUI-4 Compliance Application Software for Infiniium Oscilloscopes

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N8841A-1FP CAUI-4 Ethernet Compliance, fixed perpetual license
N8841A-1TP CAUI-4 Ethernet Compliance, transportable perpetual license

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 Produits logiciels rattachés

  • N8900A InfiniiView Oscilloscope Analysis Software N8823B EZJIT Complete 

    N8823B EZJIT Complete

    • Decomposition of vertical noise into constituent components (ex: periodic interference)
    • Estimation of Total Interference (TI) to a specified bit error ratio
    • Cumulative average of high (one) and low (zero) levels

  • N5384A High-speed SDA N5384A High-Speed Serial Data Analysis Software Option 

    N5384A High-Speed Serial Data Analysis Software Option

    The High-speed Serial Data Analysis software provides an effective way to validate signal integrity for designs employing high-speed serial interfaces with embedded clocks.