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Key Features & Specifications


  • Applications that utilize an external computer to control a PXIe Chassis


  • 1 slot 3U module for use in the system slot of a PXIe Chassis
  • Four-link (4x4) or two-link (x8, x16) connection to the PXIe backplane
  • Standard x8 PCIe connector for use with standard PCIe cables 

Performance characteristics

  • High performance Gen 3 PCIe cable link
  • High data bandwidth (maximum 8 GB/s) 


The M9022A is a PXIe System Module and is installed in the system slot of a PXIe chassis. When combined with an appropriate host adapter, it will provide a high data BW connection between the host PC and the chassis. The module can also be used with an M9037A PXIe embedded controller to interconnect two chassis in a multi-chassis system.

To ensure the best performance, the M9022A should be paired with a Gen 3 x8 Host PC card such as the Keysight M9048B. An x8 PCIe cable tested to operate at Gen 3 speeds such as the Keysight Y1202A or Y1203A should also be used.