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M9203A PXIe High-Speed Digitizer/ Wideband Digital Receiver, 12-bit, 3.2 GS/s, FPGA Signal Processing

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Understanding the Differences Between Oscilloscopes and Digitizers for Wideband Signal Acquisitions
This white paper compares the use of oscilloscopes and wideband digitizers for wideband signal applications.

Application Note 2020-08-19

Replicate RF Environments in the Lab
This flyer describes a PXI-based solution for capturing, streaming, and recording the RF spectrum of signals with bandwidths less than 1 GHz, and then playing them back.

Promotional Materials 2020-04-22

M9203A PXIe High-Speed Digitizer/Wideband Digital Receiver - Data Sheet
This datasheet presents the M9203A PXIe High-Speed Digitizer/Wideband Digital Receiver, 2 channels, 12-bit, up to 3.2 GS/s, DC to 2 GHz bandwidth

Data Sheet 2019-11-01

Portable Multichannel/Multi-Module Streaming/Recording Solutions Using M9203A and PXIe RAID Storage
This application note explains how to construct a portable M9203A streaming solution, and suggests configurations that maximize streaming/recording performance for up to 8 channels.

Application Note 2019-05-31

High-Speed Digitizer Technology Expertise - Brochure
This brochure presents the added values of the Keysight High-Speed Digitizer Technology, which are: better measurement fidelity, higher measurement throughput and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Brochure 2018-11-12

M9203A PXIe Digitizer – User’s manual (CHM file)
(Save file to computer before use) This help document is intended to provide in-depth information and reference material specific to your digitizer product.

User Manual 2018-03-14

High-Speed Digitizers - Selection Guide
This selection guide presents the range high-speed digitizer in AXIe, PXIea and PCIe form factor.

Selection Guide 2017-04-25

MD2 IVI Driver Reference - Help File (.CHM)
(Save file to computer before use) Information and reference material for the AgMD2 driver.

Help File 2017-02-16

M9203A Hardware Extension of 89600 VSA Software
Configuration & operation instructions for M9203A digitizer when used with 89600 VSA software

User Manual 2016-07-19

MD2 LabVIEW Programming Information - Help File
(Save file to computer before use) This help document is intended to provide in-depth information and reference material for the Keysight MD2 LabVIEW Driver.

Help File 2016-04-28

MD2 Driver SFP Help – User’s manual (.CHM)
(Save file to computer before use.) User information for High-speed Digitizer MD2 driver Soft Front Panel (SFP).

User Manual 2016-04-28

AgMD2 Driver, Software Migration Note
This document provides information on the migration of software applications from the AgMD1 to the newer AgMD2 driver.

Release Notes 2016-04-04

M9203A PXIe Wideband Digitizer - Startup Guide
This startup guide details the process of receiving and installing your modular Digitizer, installing the required software and verifying basic operation.

Quick Start Guide 2016-04-01

Breakthrough High-Speed Digitizer Technology - Poster
This posters presents the technology used for the AXIe/PXie/PCie high-speed digitizers

Promotional Materials 2015-07-21