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Key Features & Specifications

  • Adds AM and FM metrics to analog demodulation
  • RF spectrum view and demodulated waveform displays, and audio demodulation
  • Carrier power, frequency, SINAD, THD
  • AM modulation depth (%), FM frequency deviation (%)
  • Max modulation rate: 30 kHz (nominal)
  • SINAD: 2.5 dB to 65 dB, THD: 0 to 75% (nominal)


Using FieldFox’s analog demodulation, users maintaining AM/FM radio transmitters can demodulate and characterize AM and FM signals. They can tune to the signal and listen to the audio tones using FieldFox’s built-in speakers or a headphone. They can also display the RF spectrum, the demodulated waveform and AM/FM metrics such as carrier power, modulation rate, and SINAD.

FieldFox analog demodulation has two parts: (1) Tune and listen, and (2) AM/FM metrics. Tune and listen is available with the purchase of the spectrum analyzer option, or with a spectrum analyzer FieldFox. AM/FM metrics becomes available when Option 355 is purchased. AM/FM metrics provides the user with RF spectrum view, demodulated baseband signal waveform, carrier power, frequency deviation, SINAD and more.

Configuration information

  • On N9913/14/15/16/17/18A, N9950/51/52A: Option 355 requires Option 233, Spectrum Analyzer.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.