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W6601A BGA Interposer, LPDDR4 200-ball, 2-wing for Logic Analyzer, Connects to 61-pin ZIF

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Key Features & Specifications

Industry’s smallest LPDDR4 200-ball BGA interposer, designed to exceed 3.2 Gb/s data rates

  • Provides connection to all channel A Bank 0 and Bank 1, address, command, and control between a U4164A logic analysis system and JEDEC standard 200 ball LPDDR4 DRAM
  • Provides observation of partial data traffic on industry-standard, 200-ball LPDDR4 DRAM, and provides access for DDR Eye scans and burst scans of LPDDR4 signals
  • Ships with a custom 200-ball LPDDR4 riser to reduce keep-out volume (KOV) under the interposer (riser can be replaced with optional 3rd party socket – not provided), and it works with all solder finishes and is designed to tolerate lead-free soldering temperature profiles

Each W6601A LPDDR4 200-ball BGA interposer requires:

  • U4164A logic analyzer module with Option 02G for quad sample state mode and chassis for U4164A logic analyzer module(s) with controller or host PC
  • One U4208A probe/cable, 61-pin ZIF, from left wing, no RC, 160-pin direct connect to logic analyzer front panel connector
  • One U4209A probe/cable, 61-pin ZIF, from right wing, no RC, 160-pin direct connect to logic analyzer front panel connector
  • Default configuration obtained from B4661A memory analysis software standard tools installation (no charge for standard SW tools and default configurations)


The W6601A LPDDR4 2-wing BGA interposer for LPDDR4 200-ball BGA DRAM probing takes full advantage of the quad sample state mode on the U4164A logic analyzer module it is compatible with. The W6601A is the smallest BGA interposer for LPDDR4 200-ball DRAM capable of capturing simultaneous read and write traffic at data rates in excess of 3.2 Gb/s. U4208A and U4209A probe/cables connect W6601A LPDDR4 BGA interposer directly into the U4164A logic analyzer module from 61-pin high density zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors that attach to the W6601A BGA interposer wings. Refer to the W6601A data sheet for complete list of LPDDR4 signals probed with the W6601A.

The W6601A LPDDR4 200-ball BGA interposer allows signal access to the LPDDR4 signals critical to your debug and validation effort through a U4164A logic analyzer. The probe works in existing designs and eliminates the need for up-front planning or redesign. The probe connects directly to the balls of the DRAM using a LPDDR4 200-ball riser (included) or an optional 3rd party socket (not provided), enabling operation and acquisition of high-speed LPDDR4 signals.