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M9192A DSR Pattern Editor Software

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Provides a graphical user interface for M9195A/B PXIe DSR test development and debug
  • Graphical waveform editing
  • Pattern generation from scratch
  • Keysight DSR STIL In-converter specially designed for use with M9195A/B
  • Keysight DSR tester bridge outputs STIL files which work with M9195A/B Soft Front Panel (SFP) or can be used programmatically
  • Drag and drop an M9195A/B error log file into M9192A DSR pattern editor software to get a visual representation of the failures


The Keysight M9192A DSR Pattern Editor Software adds additional advanced capability to the Keysight M9195A/B PXIe digital stimulus/response (PXI DSR) modules by providing a graphical user interface for the development system. M9195A/B error log files can be dragged-and-dropped into waveform editor which speeds up the debugging of tests; this gives immediate visibility of discrepancies between the expected state in the ATE patterns with that of the DUT.

M9192A DSR Pattern Editor Software is based on the WaveMaker+ module which is part of the Solstice-TDS platform from Test Systems Strategies Incorporated (TSSI). The M9195A/B PXIe DSR have been fully integrated into the TSSI Solstice-TDS environment including Keysight DSR In-converter, tester bridge, and error log handling. Together, the M9192A DSR Pattern Editor Software along with the M9193A DSR Pattern Editor with Data Converters provides a complete set of vector translation and pattern validation software tools for the Keysight M9195A/B PXIe DSR. These tools allow design and test engineers to save time, cut costs, and dramatically decrease time to market.

The Keysight DSR In-converter can be used to read M9195A/B STIL files and display them graphically in the pattern editor. The pattern editor allows updating of pattern and timing information in a single window; this enables design verification engineers to generate and verify their own modified digital test patterns. The modified digital test patterns can then be output as a STIL file utilizing the Keysight DSR tester bridge. These STIL files can be loaded directly into the M9195A/B Soft Front Panel or used programmatically with the DSR.