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Prices for: United Kingdom

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U9403A-102 DUT PS - 6751A with rack mount kit
U9403A-103 DUT PS - N6774A with rack mount kit
U9403A-900 Power Cord - United Kingdom, Bs 1363/A Male Plug
U9403A-901 Power Cord - Australia and New Zealand, As 3112 Figure 2.1 (A) Male Plug
U9403A-902 Power Cord - Continental Europe, Cee 7 Male Plug
U9403A-903 Power Cord - United States and Canada, Nema 5-15P Male Plug
U9403A-904 Power Cord - United States and Canada, Nema 6-15P Male Plug
U9403A-906 Power Cord - Switzerland, Sev Type 12 Male Plug
U9403A-912 Power Cord - Denmark, Sr 107-2-D Male Plug
U9403A-917 Power Cord - India, Iec 83-B1 Male Plug
U9403A-918 Power Cord - Japan, Jis C8303 Male Plug
U9403A-919 Power Cord - Israel, Israel Si 32 Male Plug
U9403A-920 Power Cord - Argentina, Iram 2073 Male Plug
U9403A-921 Power Cord - Chile, Cei 23-16 Male Plug
U9403A-922 Power Cord - China, Gb 1002 (Figure 3) Male Plug
U9403A-923 Power Cord - South Africa, Sans 164-1 Male Plug
U9403A-927 Power Cord - Thailand, Nema 5-15P 250 Male Plug
U9403A-930 Power Cord - Brazil, Nbr 14136 Male Plug
U9403A-931 Power Cord - Taiwan, Cns 10917-2 Male Plug
U9403A-932 Power Cord - Cambodia, Cs 0017 Male Plug
U9401B-H01 Analog Card (128 channels) - i1000D
U9401B-H02 Digital Card - Hybrid (64 channels) - i1000D
U9409A-01A License To Use; i1000x Software Update System; Version 01.00p

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