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Key Features & Specifications

The Keysight Mini ICT provides ICT tests with other instruments with the following features:

  • 5U 19 inch rack-mount form factor
  • Complete analog ICT test features including VTEP v2.0
  • Complete digital ICT test features including IEEE1149 boundary scan and Cover-Extend Technology
  • True 1:1 per-pin programmable architecture with 500 mA driving capability
  • Built-in DUT power supply control and complete discharge features
  • SCPI support for VISA-based test sequencer
  • Standalone and parallel in-circuit test


Maximize your test coverage by combining functional test with In-circuit!

The Keysight Mini ICT is a true in-circuit test unit in the rack that can be used standalone or integrated. It comes with a full set of Keysight ICT test features, from VTEP vectorless test, Cover-Extend Technology, to digital library tests and boundary scan. The unmuxed per-pin programmable digital engine makes test development really flexible and easy, especially in a situation when device conditioning is needed in functional test.

Standard instrument SCPI commands makes it easy to work with other instruments and external test sequencers under IVI VISA architecture. Built-in program scripting tool makes the overall test execution even more flexible for your needs.